The Product

The Product

ItemTracker is a complete network enabled sample tracking and management solution for all of your samples, whether in storage, the laboratory or elsewhere. ItemTracker users range from small laboratories with one or two users storing a few thousand samples to much larger sites with many users storing millions of samples.

ItemTracker automatically assigns a unique identifier to each sample and also provides traceability and the ability to demonstrate consent where applicable.

ItemTracker is flexible enough to handle any number of different sample types. For each different sample type created, you add fields to store the different information that you want to keep.
Every sample can have an owner (or source), the entity on whose behalf you are storing the sample. This may be a patient, another company, researcher or anything you want to associate the samples with. As with sample types, you add the fields to hold the information that you want to keep about your owners.

ItemTracker provides full searching of both samples and their owners (sources). You can search and then export to Excel or print out fully customised reports showing only the information that you are interested in.

ItemTracker allows any storage system to be replicated. As well as showing you the path to where containers are stored, it also shows you where exactly in a certain container specific samples (or samples for a specific owner) are. This is achieved using a map which allows containers of any shape and size to be replicated.

To make ItemTracker Sample Tracking Software complete it incorporates advanced functionality such as bar-coding, document scanning, mail merge, import/export and much more.