ItemTracker is used today around the world in all life science disciplines across clinical and research establishments from a single laboratory through to multiple sites for many applications, including clinical trials in particular.

It is highly flexible allowing all storage situations and sample types to be replicated, no matter how complex.

Laboratory productivity is enhanced by the fast retrieval of complete sample information including location, properties and source. As well as being highly configurable, ItemTracker fully supports bar-coding, data import/export and other functionality leading to time savings by reducing the requirement for manual data entry.

ItemTracker is ideal for replacing hand written systems and labour intensive manual methods. It has been designed to help laboratories comply with regulations concerning the removal, storage and use of human tissue.

We have worked closely with licensed establishments that are required to maintain proper records and demonstrate consent, audit trail & traceability e.g. European Directive 2004/23/EC – Human Tissue Act. We have experience in assisting with compliance of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

ItemTracker can be used for applications including regional, national and even global monitoring of samples. It can monitor sample movement from laboratory to laboratory in multi-centred locations. This can be done, whether or not there is a network between the sites.

It has been deployed across all disciplines including monitoring information on bio-specimens in Bio banking/Bio repositories, clinical trials and Pathology Modernisation.