The Complete Sample Management Solution.

ItemTracker is a complete laboratory sample management software solution which visually manages your samples, sample sources and storage area. ItemTracker does everything you would expect including full auditing, bar coding, sample scanning and much more...

The Complete Sample Management Solution.
Dynamic Display.

Dynamic Display.

See your items mapped visually. The items window intuitively displays the boxes you're viewing.

Highly Configurable

No two customers are the same. As such, ItemTracker offers infinite configurability to perfectly match your lab, your workflow and your requirements. This allows you to spend less time managing users and more time on the science.

Visualise Your Storage

ItemTracker maps your storage so you can visually track your samples. Save valuable time by easily retrieving items and their location in an instant.

Full Barcode Integration

Scan and store your samples. A number of functions are integrated to allow you to perform actions simply by scanning an items barcode.

Manage Group Privileges

Assign privilages and set team leaders. Users will only have access to the samples, storage and functionality you wish them to.

Web-Enabled App

Easy remote installation and system updates across your site. View the program in your web browser. Secure system; manage user group privileges with ease.

Web-Enabled App

ItemTracking Made Simple

Ancestry Is Easy

Maintain a complete history of your samples and the ancestry through to child samples and aliquots.

Elementary Import and Export

Import complete records directly from Microsoft Excel. Exports complete records at the touch of a button.

Integrated Auditing

Demonstrate a clear audit trail for your samples at the click of a button.

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