Equipment and Barcoding

Equipment and Barcoding

ItemTracker allows complete flexibility in handling barcoding.

ItemTracker incorporates totally flexible label design with the ability to save templates. The label can contain any combination of barcodes, text and data fields.

When using ItemTracker you can print to any Windows based printer. This means a wide selection of printers can be used including Brady, Zebra, and Datamax.

In addition to generating labels from within ItemTracker, externally generated barcodes can be associated with samples.

ItemTracker can use almost any barcode reader. It communicates with the reader using a keyboard wedge interface.

ItemTracker can also integrate with SBS rack 2D barcode camera readers such as AltemisLab; tube barcodes and the rack barcode from 24, 48 and 96-rack formats can be automatically imported into ItemTracker.  In addition the Rack Scan function updates tube locations from a scan of the rack, saving time and reducing errors compared to the manual method.