The ItemTracker Map provides the functionality to replicate any storage system.

As well as displaying the path to where containers (boxes) are stored, it also shows you where exactly in a certain container specific samples (or samples for a specific owner) are located. This is achieved using a map which allows containers of any shape and size and with any labelling to be created.

As well as displaying where your samples are located, you can see at a glance which containers have available space. ItemTracker also provides a reporting window to summarise just how many samples or how much space is within a specific storage area part.

Selected maps can be printed out which can be useful for when you go to your physical storage area or for auditing purposes.

You can also set different parts of your storage system to accept certain item types. This has many benefits including helping prevent cross contamination, reserving a part of the storage system for a specific project or even preventing some users from viewing some parts of the storage system.