To make ItemTracker complete it incorporates advanced functionality such as bar-coding, document scanning, mail merge, import/export and much more.

Functionality is provided to interact with items, owners and storage including searching, printing, pick-lists and auditing.

As well as for samples, barcodes can also be printed for storage parts, owners and documents. Using barcodes make for quick retrieval as well as for both moving samples around and returning them into storage.

Data Import and Export are both important parts of ItemTracker. Import allows information to be easily transferred from other applications into ItemTracker. This is especially helpful in the beginning, when first starting to use ItemTracker.

Export is useful when you want to work with the data in other applications e.g. Microsoft Excel or Word.

ItemTracker has simple document handling built in. This allows you to attach a document, either existing or new and either text or image to a sample, owner or storage part.

Functionality is also provided to perform mail merges. This allows you to set up a document template and then print it using the selected entity e.g. samples. The printed document can then be saved against the entity and is available for later viewing.

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